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Wettolsheim Wettolsheim

Grands Crus : [ Pfersigberg ] [ Steingrubler ]

The Historian

Fontaine Place de la Mairie Copyright ARdV

Known since the Middle Ages, Wettolsheim was, in fact, a double village.
Indeed, the " Bischofsgraben " or " Bishop's Ditch " separated both halves : one belonging to bishopric of Strasbourg, and the other to the " Horbourg family ".
In 1319, these latter sold their part to Murbach's abbey.
Each half of village had its chapel:
 - the vault Jean Saint, founded by the Saint Jean's hospitallers from Colmar, was on the site of the current parochial church, built in 1780.
 - the vault Saint Martin was integrated later within the " Martinsburg " or " Martin's castle " to be rebuilt during the 18th century.
The countess of Albany and her Italian friend the dramatist Alfieri lived there from 1784 till 1786.
In 1960 it was razed to ground to make room for an housing estate.
The former parochial church was outside the village, from where it took its name of " Feldkirche " or " church of the fields ": considering its seniority, it was the mother church of all the close villages.

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The Stroller

Wettolsheim une Enseigne Copyright ARdV

Vestiges of a Roman villa.

Discovery of a treasury of the Low-Empire copper coins.

Remains of a Merovingian cemetery.

The ruins of the " Hageneck's " castle dated around 1200 : dungeon, windows, chimneys.

The church goes back to 1782.

There is also an imposing grotto of Lourdes, on castle's street.

One can also see a baptismal font of Renaissance style in the yard of the presbytery, and a late Gothic style wooden Christ.

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Wettolsheim Seen from the Vineyard Copyright ARdVAltitude 220 m; 1692 inhabitants. Flower decked village *** 2005.
Forest. Pedestrian paths.
Vine: Route des Vins d'Alsace. Grands Crus Wines " Pfersigberg " and " Steingrubler ".
Cereals. Seedbeds.
Breeding .
Agricultural cooperative. 
Weekly market : Wednesday morning, on townhouse square.
Local fair 2nd Sunday before Pentecost.
Wine feast last Sunday of July.
Patron's feast last Sunday in September.
Society of music, brass band, choral society.

Christmas and year-end festivities :
Please visit

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