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Gustave Lorentz
Westhalten Westhalten

Grands Crus : [ Vorbourg ] [ Zinnkoepflé ]

The Historian

" West haulda " or " West ", and of " Halde " or " vineyard, vine arbour " is quoted already 1103. Parish since 1451, but only locality since 1818, Westhalten was previously shared among Rouffach and Soultzmatt.
Westhalten belonged to the bishop of Strasbourg by means of its membership in the seigneury of Rouffach.

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The Stroller

Westhalten Fountain on the City Hall Square Copyright ARdV

Neolithic finds.

The remains of a Roman villa.

The fountain in front of the City Hall.

Façade with oriel window at number 12, rue de l' Église.
The church Saint Blaise, of neo-classic style dated 1839.

A chapel of the " Mount of Olives ".

The village snuggled up among 3 famous calcareous hills : the " Strangenberg ", " Bollenberg " and " Zinnkoepflé ", well known for their microclimate, their flora, their vineyards and their animal life: it is a protected site.

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Westhalten The Vineyard Copyright ARdVAltitude 240 m. 816 inhabitants.
Valley of the Ohmbach river.
Vineyard: Route des Vins d'Alsace, Grands Crus wines : " Vorbourg ", "Zinnkoepfle " , wine-producing cooperative.
Orchards, cereals.
Breeding of cattle.
Agricultural cooperative.
Patron's holiday on February 3rd on Saint Blaise's day.
Local fair 1st and 2nd Sunday of July.
Donkeys' Festival or "Fete de l'Ane" or "Eselfàscht" : the last Sunday of july from 9:30 à 23:00.
Entrance fee: 4 € for people over 16 years of age.

Christmas and year-end festivities :
Please visit

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Gustave Lorentz

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