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Turckheim Turckheim

Grand Cru : [ Brand ]

The Historian

Turckheim The Gateway to Munster Copyright La Maison de Hansi"Thorencohaime " or " Thuringian's House " is quoted as of 742.
Roman finds were made : a statue of Mercury, coins, remains of walls, pipeworks on the sites known as " Gemühr ", "Hausenfeld ", The Nightwatch Copyright Guy Ancel" Thalweg ". Merovingian burials were also discovered there.
The village belonged to the Munster Benedictines' abbey during the Middle Age.
In 1312, promoted to the status of city, Turckheim was fortified.
The city adhered in 1354 to the " Decapolis".
The significant prerogatives that the abbot of Munster kept to the city were at the origin of frequent conflicts with him.
The situation was all the more confused since half of Turckheim belonged to the seigniory of " Hohlandsberg ", in fact to the " Habsbourg ", then in the 15th century being given as security to the Count of " Lupfen ".
In 1465, he invades the city by surprise, at night, following a conflict relating to the belonging of the immigrants.
This conflict ended definitively only in 1485.
After 1672, the King of France stripped Turckheim of his autonomy.
In 1675, after the " Turenne's victory " over the Imperial troops, Turenne allowed his troops to plunder and to set fire to the city because its burgomaster had helped the Imperial troops.
In 1978 the church Sainte Anne was almost destroyed by a fire.
Nearby, the locality of " Trois-Epis ", with its church of pilgrimage, is on the three banns of Turckheim, Niedermorschwihr and Ammerschwihr.
The Christmas feast is quoted in 1597, that of Saint Jean in 1540.

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The Stroller

Turckheim Sainte Anne's Church Copyright ARdV

Picturesque city at the foot of the Trois-Epis, Vosges mountains.
Beautiful old districts.
The fortifications form a triangle with 3 gateways : gate of the " Brand-Oeltor " of 1315, gate of " France " 1313 and gate of " Munster " of the 14th century.
The hotel of the " Deux Clés " goes back to 1620.
The Town Hall of 1595.
The hospital of 1662.
Old houses on Main street at numbers 2, 4, 13, and 42 of Gothic style, at numbers 49, 62, and 71 going back to 1616, as well at number 85.
The former guard house of 1580, Turenne's square.
A house of 1621 at number 4, Wickram's street. Another house at number 85, on Vine street.
Half-timbered wine growers' house with a box window.
The fountain of the 18th century, on Turenne's square.
The " Sainte Anne's church " of neo-classic style going back to 1840 with its bell-tower of the end of the 12th century.

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Altitude 240 m. 3594 inhabitants.  Flower decked village ** 2009.
Summer health resort of the Trois-Epis Trois Epis Copyright Adt68 C. Meyer
Tourist Office of the Trois-Epis opened all year through :
Phone : + 33 3 89 49 80 56 - Fax : + 33 3 89 49 80 68.
Vineyard: Route des Vins d'Alsace, wine-producing cooperative. Grands Crus Wines "
Brand ".
Patron's holiday end of July on the Saint Anne's day.
Local fair on the 1st and 2nd Sundays after July 26th also called
" Fête au Pays du Brand" or "Fascht im Brand-Land" . Animations, degustations of wines .
Entrance Fee :
 approx. 4,50 euros on Saturday and 3,80 euros on Sunday. Subject to changes.
Pilgrimage to Our Lady of the Trois-Epis.
Fishing, Hunting.
Pedestrian paths. 
Hill climbing " Turckheim - Trois-Epis ", Oldtimer car race mid June within the 3 Epis - Munster oldtimer Rally. Contact :
Motor racing : Hill climbing car race " Turckheim - Trois-Epis ", French hill climbing championship, on the first week end of September.
War Memorial Museum : Phone : + 33 3 89 27 18 08
At less than 1/2 hour of drive, visit the museum of the
Memorial of the Linge and its vestiges of World War I (1915).

Tourist nformation Office: Phone : + 33 3 89 27 38 44 - Fax : + 33 3 89 80 83 22. E-mail :

Christmas and Year-end festivities :
Please see

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