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Gustave Lorentz
Sigolsheim Sigolsheim

Grands Crus : [ Furstentum ] [ Mambourg ] [ Marckrain ]

The Historian

" Sigoltmarca " is quoted as of 768. Later the name of " Sigoltesheim " or " Sigolt's territory " or " Sigolt 's dwelling ", " Sigolt " being a Germanic first name.
As of the Carolingian time many abbeys, attracted by the reputation of its wines managed to obtain donations there.
This explains why as of the 9th century Sigolsheim had already three chapels of which the most important one, founded by " Sainte Richarde ", emperor " Charles the Fat's wife ", became thereafter the parochial church of the village.
It is in the " Lügenfeld " or " field of the lies " close to Sigolsheim, that the three sons of " Louis the Devout " after having hired away his army in 833, captured their father and then forced him to abdicate.
In 1466 the palatine troops took the fortified cemetery by storm .
Sigolsheim was completely destroyed during the relentless combats of the " Poche of Colrnar ' during the winter 1944 -1945.

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The Stroller

Sigolsheim The Roman Church Saint Peter's Copyright ARdVSome rare vestiges of the past still remain in this village, victim of the furious fightings of the " Poche of Colmar " during the winter 1944 - 1945.
A Roman villa. The church " Saint Pierre " towards 1200 with its portal with tympanum showing Christ giving the keys to Saint Pierre and the book to Saint Paul, some furniture in particular 2 carry-candles angels, wooden statues of the 15th century, 2 polychromatic wooden groups of the 15th century, representing the " Virgin of Pity ",
" Holy Anne " and the " Virgin and the Child" .
The church almost destroyed in 1945 was restored from 1950 till 1960.
A necropolis on the " Blutberg " or " Blood Mountain " going back to 1945.
The chapel " Sainte Anne " is of the 16th century

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Sigolsheim Sainte Anne Copyright ARdV

Altitude 195 m. 986 inhabitants. Flower decked village ** 2003.
Located at the outlet of the valley of the river Weiss.
Vine: Route des Vins d'Alsace, production of Grands Crus " Furstentum ", " Mambourg " and " Marckrain ", wine producing cooperative.
Seedbeds, cereals, orchards.
Blackcurrant producers' cooperative.
Ceremony of the anniversary of the Release of Colmar early February.
Patron's feast on June 29th on Saint Pierre's day.
Fires of the Saint Jean, end of June.
Soccer tournament on the 1st Sunday of September.

Christmas and Year-end festivities :
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Gustave Lorentz

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