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Orschwihr Orschwihr

Grand Cru : [ Pfingstberg ]

The Historian

" Otalesvilare " is quoted in 728 in the deed of gift of lands made with the abbey of Murbach by the count " Eberhard d' Eguisheim ".
The " Habsbourg " had in 1282 a state-owned yard pledged to " Andlau ".
The origins of the castle go back to the 12th century; 14th to the 16th centuries it belonged to Andlau, and was modernized in 1580.
Two fires, one in 1722 and the other in 1934 damaged it considerably.
The former parish church was on the " Bollenberg ".
Church mother of all the seigniory of Rouffach, founded at the Merovingian time, it was closed down in the 16th century.
In 1254 a certain castle of " Stettenberg " appears. Burned by the English in 1375, it was not rebuilt.
Nothalten remained famous for its vineyards: indeed, as of the 16th century, the bishop of Strasbourg preferred already the wine of " Lippelsberg ".

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The Stroller

Orschwihr The Church Copyright ARdV

Roman vestiges and a Merovingian cemetery are still visible on the " Bollenberg ".
The remainders of the castle of the 13th and the 16th centuries still exist.
The old presbytery of the 18th century with its well going back to 1766 and its carter gate going back to 1561.
Some beautiful vine growers' houses of 16th and 17th centuries.
Also remainders of the castle of " Stettenberg ", known as " Altschloss " or "Old Castle ". The fountain of the Church square.
The church Saint Nicolas of 1782 with his outer tower of 1576.
The chapel Saint Wolfgang of 1850. The chapel Holy Cross of the 19th century.
Wayside crosses dating from 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

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The hill of the " Bollenberg " considered to be the place of Sabbath of all the witches of High Alsace, shelters a rare flora, offers a wide sight and proposes a very attractive stage offering rest, meal as well as a beautiful collection of old weapons and firebacks.
Vineyard of 190 hectares, on the Route des Vins d'Alsace. Grands Crus Wines " Pfingstberg ".
Fire of the witches on the " Bollenberg ", with torchlight tattoo and cremation of a stake on August 14th.

Christmas and Year-end festivities :
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