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Gustave Lorentz
Niedermorschwihr Niedermorschwihr

Grand Cru : [ Sommerberg ]

The Historian

Niedermorschwihr Copyright ARdVKnown under the name of " Morswilre " as of 1148. The village, renamed Niedermorschwihr at the 16th century in order to be able to distinguish it from Obermorschwihr which is close to Eguisheim, belonged one half to the Empire and for the other half to the " Habsbourg ". No visible vestige remaining, the thesis affirming that the churchyard would have been fortified is contestable.
Located on the three banns of Ammerschwihr, Niedermorschwihr and Turckheim are the " Trois-Epis ", quiet resort sheltering a health centre of altitude and rest cure.
The " Trois Epis " were founded from a pilgrimage dedicated to the Virgin, founded 1491: indeed, the Virgin is said to have appeared to a blacksmith of Orbey, holding in a hand three ears of corn, in the other one a hailstone (forecast of good or a bad harvest depending on whether people would convert or not).
The pilgrimage started again quickly, after being stopped by the Thirty Year's War.
A priory founded in 1651 was done away by the French Revolution.
The pilgrimage however still exists.

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The Stroller

Niedermorschwihr The Twisted Roof Trunk of the Church Copyright ARdv B. Ringler

Niedermorschwihr Hous with oriel window Copyright ARdV

This charming typical village shelters also houses or monuments worth the visit and the time spent.

In particular a house with oriel window on Main street, as well as several wine growers' beautiful houses of Renaissance style, of the 18th century, half-timbered or made of stone.

The Saint Gall's church dating from the 18th century has a listed architectural rarity only fifteen times in Europe: the twisted roof trunk of the Gothic bell-tower of the 13th century, with another rarity: a Silbermann organ of 1726.

The vault of the pilgrimage of " Trois-Epis " with its late Gothic choir of 1493, its terra cotta pietà dating from the 15th century, its Holy Sepulchre of the end of the 15th century.

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Forests of chestnut trees and fir trees.
Vine: Route des Vins d'Alsace, numerous small cellars and " winstub " so called  small typical local restaurants, serving excellent Alsatian food and wines. Grands Crus wines '" Sommerberg ".
Gastronomic specialities :
Kougelhopf (Alsatian pastry), Christine Ferber 's famous fruit jams .
Informations :  Phone + 33 3 89 27 05 69.
Saint Wendelin's : 1st Sunday of july.
Patron's feast on October 16th on Saint Gall's day.
Local fair on the 1st Sunday of October.
Walks in the vineyard and the forest.
At less than 1/2 hour of drive, visit the museum of the Memorial of the Linge and its vestiges of World War I (1915).

Christmas and Year-end festivities :
Please see

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Gustave Lorentz

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