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Mittelbergheim Mittelbergheim

Grand Cru : [ Zotzenberg ]

The Historian

The village was originally property of Andlau's abbey, itself belonging to the bishop of Strasbourg.
" Cunon of Bergheim " made build Crax's castle towards 1274.
This same castle is destroyed between 1293 and 1295 by " Conrad of Lichtenberg ", thereafter bishop of Strasbourg.
Stones resulting from the destruction served later for strengthening the city of Lichtenau, in Baden (Germany).

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The Stroller

Mittelbergheim Church by Night Copyright ARdVThis village possesses still numerous witnesses of its past.

Notably façades and roofs, outside stair, nest of storks.

Beautiful houses of Renaissance style notably that at number 7 on Main street with its façade and its roofs.

The tithe barn. A former well.

An oil mill of the 18th century ooposite the church.

A joint public oven.

The trenched mound of the old feudal castle of Crax, on the first summit of Vosges, in the West.

The church of the 19th century, lutherian from the 12th to the 15th centuries, the bell tower of Roman origin, the Gothic nave, the Gothic rear quarter panel, the frescoes of the 15th century.

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Altitude 210 m. 725 inhabitants. Flower decked village 2003.
Mittelbergheim View of a yard Copyyright ARdV"One of the most beautiful villages of France"
Massif of the Vosges mountains above the village.
Landscape of green and wooded hillsides.
Sights on Andlau's castle, the plain of Alsace, the Black Forest and Vosges around.
Hikes. Passage of the GR5, paths marked out by the Club Vosgien.

: Route des Vins d'Alsace. Grands Crus wines " Zotzenberg ".
In spring bloom of wild, very rare yellow tulips.
Former quarries of limestone.
Orchards, mixed farming, meadows.
Gastronomic speciality notably the "Pâté Vigneron". 
Wine festival on the last Sunday of July.
Cultural activity from September until the end of June.
Horse riding, hunting.
Rural lodgings.
Cultural association of the " Friends de Mittelbergheim ".
Rural craft.
Oil Mill of the 18th century : for visits, please contact :
Phone : + 33 3 88 08 92 29 - Fax : + 33 3 88 08 59 94.

Christmas and Year-end festivities :
Please see

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Gustave Lorentz

La Table de Mittelwihr
J.J. KLEIN Restaurateur à MITTELWIHR
Tél. 03 89 78 61 40
Fax. 03 89 86 01 66
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Distillerie M. WINDHOLTZ
31,avenue du Général de Gaulle 68150 RIBEAUVILLE FRANCE Tél : Fax:
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