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Hunawihr Hunawihr

Grand Cru : [ Rosacker ]

The Historian

Hunawihr The Church and the strengthened Churchyard Copyright ARdVAccording to a tradition from the 11th century, Huno and his wife Sainte Huna, owners of the village, offered it, in the 7th century, to the missionary bishop Saint Dié (the monk " Deodat ", founder of the Monastery of Saint-Dié in the département of Vosges, 88).
The seigniory of " Horbourg ", then the duchy of " Würtemberg " were respectively owners of the village.
The pilgrimage dedicated to Sainte-Hune attracted many believers from 1520 until the Reform (1534).
At the beginning of 17th century, an plague epidemic gradually emptied the village of its inhabitants.
Then, from 1687, with the arrival of some new catholic families, the " Simultaneum " was introduced (alternation of the worships within a same religious building).

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The Stroller

Hunawihr The church seen from the Founbtain Copyright ARdV
Picturesque village nestled in the hollow of a small valley at the foot of the Vosges mountains.

Monuments to be seen: the Town Hall of 1517.

Some vine growers' houses of Renaissance style.

The fountain " Sainte Hune " of Renaissance style.
The " Saint Jacques' church " from 15th to the 16th centuries with its 2 naves, with ceilings put in, of the 16th century, its arched choir of 1524, its bell-tower with murals of 1492 representing the legend of " Saint Nicolas ", its stone pulpit of the 16th century, its organ case of the 18th century towering up in the centre of the fortified cemetery.

Fortified churchyard of the 15th and 16th centuries with its hexagonal surrounding wall with 6 semicircular bastions, bored with gun-holes.

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Flower decked village **** 2005
585 Inhabitants. Hunawihr  old House Copyright ARdVSite of the picturesque village.

Vine: Route des Vins d'Alsace, Grands Crus wines "Rosacker".

Local fair " Friend Fritz's visit " on the 2nd and 3rd Sundays of July. For the Saint Jacques' day on July 25th .

Concert of spiritual music on All Saints' day.

Centre for the reintroduction of storks in Alsace, Alsatian stork recovery centre..
Phone : + 33 3 89 73 72 62 - Fax : + 33 3 89 73 81 25.

Live exotic butterflies centre : hundreds of live exotic butterflies, as well as a permanent orchideas exhibition :
Phone : + 33 3 89 73 69 58 - Fax : + 33 3 89 73 31 56.

Christmas and Year-end festivities :
Please see

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