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Gustave Lorentz
Gueberschwihr Gueberschwihr

Grand Cru : [ Goldert ]

The Historian

Gueberschwihr Copyright ARdV" Waranangus ", known as early as 728 became afterwards
" Gebliswilre " or " Gabilo's farm " in 12th century.
Property of the Counts " d'Eguisheim ", then of the bishops of Strasbourg.
The fortified cemetery was destroyed in 1298 and it is only later that the village itself was fortified .
" Mittelburg's " castles or " castle of the middle " and " Nortgasse " or " street of the North ", both in the village, as well as " Hertenberg " and " Niederwiller ", near the village sheltered several noble families.
It is only in 16th century after the fires experienced during wars in 1338 and 1445, that Gueberschwihr knew prosperity, particularly thanks to the vine growing.

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The Stroller

Gueberscwihr The Roman Church Copyright ARdVAncient village, Gueberschwihr conceals numerous vestiges.
The shelter under cliff of " Heidenhöhle " or " cave of the moor ".
Two surrounding earthwalls in the neighbouring forest.
" La Tène's " housing environment.
Discovery of Roman coins. Merovingian sarcophagi partially kept are in the supporting wall behind the church, as well as vestiges of the former Romanic church.
The strengthened village and its neighborhoods, includes numerous wine growers' half-timbered or stone houses of the 16th to the 18th centuries, within which the former castles of " Nortgasse " and " Mittelburg ".
An old door dating 1619, place de l'Eglise. The front door and the door of the turret stair of the 11, rue Haute.
The low relief of the facade of the 27, rue du Nord and the other numerous sculptured details of Renaissance style. Gueberschwihr Copyright ARdV
The bridge of 1538 in front of the church with its vestiges of the fortified cemetery.
The Romanic church dating about 1130 was destroyed in 1835.
The new church being so badly built, it was necessary to bring down it and to reconstruct it in 1878 ! Fortunately the beautiful Romanic bell tower was preserved.
On the West, nested in the forest above the village, the convent of Holy Marc, founded in 7th century for Benedictines monks, and currently occupied by the " Soeurs hospitalières de Saint Joseph " is made up of modern buildings, except the gate dating 1762.

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Altitude 260 m. 816 inhabitants. Flower decked village** 2003.
On the Route Romane d'Alsace. Forest.
Vineyard: Route des Vins d'Alsace. Grand Cru Wine : " Goldert ".
Dynamic wine-producing cooperative cellar.
Horticulture, nurseries.
Agricultural cooperative.
Cattle, pigs breeding .
Patron's festival on July 27th.
Local fair on 3rd Saturday and Sunday of August.

Christmas and Year-end festivities :
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