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Eguisheim Eguisheim

Grands Crus : [ Eichberg ] [ Pfersigberg ]

The Historian

Eguisheim has been permanently occupatied since prehistory.
The name of the village " Egenesheim " in 10th century means " Egino's house ", Germanic first name.
Eguisheim The 3 Castles Copyright AdT68 C.MeyerThe counts of the Nordgau, the most powerful family of Alsace in the 11th and 12th centuries, bore this name from the 11th century and resided at the castles of Haut-Eguisheim , which were built up on a nearby summit dominating the village and the plain.
The castle is divided into 3 independent units having each its own keep explains itself by the family sharings which were made in 12th and 13th centuries.
The pope Léon IX, stemming from this family, was born there.
Thanks to the generosity of the counts of Eguisheim, numerous convents of Alsace had possessions in the village, already considered as its wines.
The bishops of Strasbourg became owners of the village with the extinction of the Counts d' Eguisheim in 1225, and they fortified it before 1295 by making a city, which remained their property until the Revolution.
An octagonal castle, based in 8th century, but which in its current state would only go back to the 13th century, is situated in the center of the city.

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The Stroller

Picturesque village with numerous attractions.
The most ancient human skull found in Alsace currently kept in the museum of Colmar as well as other Paleolithic finds were discovered during excavations made in the place called " Bühl ".
In the three castles of Eguisheim, vestiges of an occupation in the late Neolithic era, and an old small Roman fort.
A prehistoric necropolis was also localized there. Vestiges of a Roman roadway and a Roman camp at the entry of the city. Sarcophaguses, witnesses of Merovingian and Carolingian graves. Eguisheim St. Peter and Paul's Church Copyright ARdV
Small and very picturesque and well kept wine town, built in 3 concentric circles around the castle and sheltering the old picturesque village.
Vestiges of ramparts. The ruins of the octagonal castle with its surrounding wall : wall of the 13th century, lodging house of the 15th century; in the centre the chapel Saint Léon from1894 and neo-Romanic style.
The village conceals numerous former tithe courtyards : Murbach's abbeys of 1590, Eschau of 1581, Pairis, Unterlinden.
Numerous and beautiful wine growers' houses dating of the 16th and 17th centuries, some half-timbered, the others of stone, decorate the village.
Must also be seen: the former inn of the White Horse of 1613, the fountain of the Virgo of 1542, another fountain of 1557, fountain Monseigneur Stumpf's street, the church Saints Peter and Paul of 1807, flanked by a Gothic bell tower, inside which is kept the portal of the ancient church (estimated dating 1235) in the tympanum of still Romanic spirit: Christ placed between Saint Pierre and Saint Paul, the procession of the Wise Virgins and the Foolish Virgins forms the lintel.

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Altitude 210m. 1548 inhabitants. Flower decked village. **** 2009.
Place of great interest.
Vineyard: Route des Vins d'Alsace production of Grands Crus Wines : "Eichberg" ,
"Pfersigberg".Eguisheim Copyright ARdV
Numerous tasting cellars.
Particularly dynamic wine-producing cooperative.
Cereal, orchards. Cattle breeding.
Presentation of the new wine last Saturday and Sunday of March.
Patron's fete on Saints Pierre and Paul on April 19th and June 20th.
Local fair last Sunday of August said " Wine Growers'Fete  ".
Pedestrian paths. Road of 3 Castles.
Camping site.
Traditional craft.
Tourist Information Office : Phone : + 33 3 89 23 40 33 - Fax : + 33 3 89 41 86 20.

Christmas and Year-end festivities :
Please see

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