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Andlau Andlau

Grands Crus : [ Kastelberg ] [ Moenchberg ] [ Wiebelsberg ]

The Historian

Saint Richarde Patron of the village Copyright ARdVSainte Richarde ", repudiated by " Charles the Fat ", founded there an abbey about 880.

Directly dependent from the Holy See, it was granted considerable privileges.

The abbess was also princess of the " Holy Empire ".

The city formed around the abbey, was given in stronghold by the abbess to a powerful family of Alsace, the " Andlau ", who built there a castle.
Later, the " Andlau " inherited from Spesbourg's castle.

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The Stroller

The picturesque village shelters numerous beautiful half-timbered Alsatian houses, with oriel windows, sharp gables, and even on some frontages the blazons of the trade associations.
Old fortifications of which still remain of the vestiges of the surrounding wall and 2 towers dating from the 15th century.
One will be able to contemplate also there:
  - ruins of the castle of " High Andlau " dating from 13th and 14th centuries with its Andlau House called La Seigneurie Copyright ARdVpolygonal enclosure, its 2 cylindrical dungeons, its gates and ogival windows, its rectangular farmyard with round towers of the 15th and 16th centuries, a gate of the 16th century, a polygonal enclosure, a square dungeon, a main building with coupled windows and a Gothic unit
  - the former " Hôtel d'Andlau " dating from the 16th century and the house at number 15 of the Grand'Rue, of Renaissance style with its 2 oriel windows and balustrade of the 17th century are also worth the visit as well as the " Stoltz-Grimm's hospital ": its entry gate and its staircase. Also some canonial houses, one with Roman arcades, others of the 18th century.
An other Alsatian house known as " the Barracks ", at number 17, on Doctor Stoltz' s street, with a gate opening on a yard dated 1576 and an other house at number 4, on Church' square. The Andlau River Copyright ARdV
Also the former commandery of the Teutonic Knights dating from the 18th century, with its vault drawn by Bagnato, and sheltering gravestones.
The well "Sainte Richarde " of Gothic style of the 16th century.
The fountain "Sainte Richarde " with statue of the 19th century by Ph. Grass.
The abbey church "Sainte Richarde ": its frontage and choir of the 12th century, the Gothic nave from 1698 to 1702, western solid massiv of the 12th century with its rich Roman decoration, in particular an historiated frieze, the tympanum and the gate, the square tower on polygonal floor and dome with skylight of 18th , choir with flat bedside of the 15th century, the transept of the 12th century, the nave with sides and platforms of the 17th century, ogival vaults, and the crypt of the 11th century, reliquary of " Sainte Richarde ", towards 1400, very transformed, emblazoned stalls of the 15th century, a wooden virgo of the 15th century and a antic stone bear.
The church " Saint André " of the 18th century with his bell-tower of the 15th century, and the frescos of the 14th and 15th centuries.
The old church " Saints Sebastien and Fabien " (currently sheltering the elementary school) of the 17th century.

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Andlau Sight from the Vineyard Copyright ARdVHealth summer resort , on the Route Romane d'Alsace, at the foot of the Vosges mountains with the forest of Andlau and the valley of the river Andlau , offering many picturesque sites and possibilities of walk: paths marked out by the Club Vosgien. Passage of the GR5.
Rural lodgings.
Forestry development.
vergers, pâturages - Bovins.
Vine: Route des Vins d'Alsace, wine gowers'co-operative, brandies. Grands Crus wines : " Kastelberg " , " Moenchberg " , " Wiebelsberg ".
Brotherhood of the Hospitaliers d'Andlau : wine brotherhood.
Phone : + 33 3 88 08 95 88 - Fax : + 33 3 88 08 55 99.
Gastronomical specialities.
Orchards, pastures.
Cattel breeding.
Flowered village.
Weekly market on Wednesdays.
Local fair the last Sunday of June or 1st Sunday of July.
Patron's festival on September 18th.
Hunting, fishing.
Tourist Information Office : Phone : + 33 3 88 08 22 57 - Fax : + 33 3 88 08 42 22

Christmas and Year-end festivities :
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