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Gustave Lorentz
Ammerschwihr Ammerschwihr

Grand Cru : [ Wineck-Schlossberg ]

The Historian

Ammerschwihr Copyright ARdVOccupied as of the Roman time, Ammerschwihr is quoted in 869 under the name of " Amairici Villare " or " Amalrich's village".
As of the 14th century the village was fortified.
The inhabitants of" Meywihr " and " Katzenbach ", two nearby villages, sought refuge behind the ramparts of the city.
Three seigniories : the " Ribeaupierre ", the " Hohlandsberg " and the Empire reigned successively over the city.
They divided up the three accesses to the city between themselves and each one of them exploited one of the gateways of the city.
The architecture of the borough knew its golden age during the 16th century : alas the architectural heritage was strongly damaged by terrible bombardments in 1944.

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The Stroller

Ammerschwihr The Tour des Bourgeois Copyright ARdVAt the " Trois-Epis ", take advantage of the panoramic view of the plain of Alsace, possible from the colossal statue of the " Sacred Heart "(1930), on the " Galz " with view of the valley of Wahlbach.

In the vineyards, at the foot of the massif of the Vosges remains the base of the square dungeon of " Meywihr's old castle " quoted in 1279.

In the village, take the time to admire the rare monuments of the past which survived WW II artillery fights :
  - 13th century : remains of fortifications, the high gate or " Obertor ", Remainders of the Town Hall Copyright R. Fehrenbach
  - 16th century : the " Robbers' tower " or " Schelmenturm ", thus named because it was used as prison, the " Middle-class' people tower" or " Bürgerturm ",
  - the " Wild Man's fountain ", the remainders of the former Town Hall going back to1552 as well as the houses from the " Grand -Rue " and the Saint Martin's church (1564) with the neo-gothic bell-tower rebuilt in 1910, the beam of glory to the triumphal arch dating from the 15th century, the Christ of the Palms of the 16th century and the staircase of the platform of the 16th century.

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Le Galz Copyright AdT68 C.Meyer

Altitude 240 m.  1892 inhabitants. Flower decked village. Trois-Epis, health resort overhelming the plaine d'Alsace.

Vine : Route des Vins d'Alsace : take advantage of visiting many wine tasting cellars of the vine growers of the village.
Grand Cru " Kaefferkopf ".
Patrons' fete on Saint Martin's day.
Popular fete or " kilbe " the last 2 Sundays of September.
Traditional craft industry.

Society of history and archaeology.
At less than 1/2 hour of drive, visit the museum of the Memorial of the Linge and its vestiges of World War I (1915).

The Golf of Ammerschwihr, course on 60 hectares, 18 holes, with a 9 holes compact course , Pro-shop, Bar and Restaurant.

Christmas and Year-end festivities :
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